Whole Body Intuitive Scan

Whole Body Intuitive Scan

Everything is energy, BUT what does that really mean?

I believe there are a lot of ways to play with the meaning of energy. My favorite way is in the subtle energy arena. When I think of big energy, I think of the sun, the wind, the ocean, electricity, power stations etc.

When I think about subtle energy, to me it’s like the whispers underneath the big energy that can be hard to sense or relate to but exist all the same. I think of that after warmth you feel on your skin from being in front of a fire or the buzz in my hands after rubbing them vigorously together.

I know the fire or the motion came first but the lingering energy is where I love to play.

The very first time I was exposed to subtle energy was in 2003 when I took my Reiki Level 1 course. This was my very first lightbulb of understanding that beyond the chemical energy of physical organ systems and medical well being lies a softer energy. In Reiki, we explore energy and the way it feels when it moves through our hands and into a sentient being (person, animal, plant). Different people feel the energy in different ways and in different intensities.

As my Reiki training continued to the Master level, I learned about the energy of symbols, the energy of the body, and the energy in centers known as Chakras. Chakra means spinning wheel or disk in Sanskrit and is a system that helps us understand subtle energy’s connection to various physical aspects of our bodies.

The more clients I worked with using Reiki, the more fascinated I became with why people seemed to have the same blocks again and again.

I began to notice patterns in Chakra blocks and physical symptoms and wanted to understand why they were connected and especially how I could help. This curiosity led me to study under a great mentor Samantha Orthlieb and explore Chakras and their connections to plants and psychological archetypes. The more I learned the more I wanted to understand the root causes.

Eventually, my curiosity for whole healing and my love of Chakras led me to Caroline Myss.

Samantha referenced Caroline’s work on Archetypes often and I became intrigued with what Caroline calls a Medical Intuitive. Caroline Myss discovered she had the intuitive ability akin to medical clairvoyance.

Without needing any information or being anywhere near the person, as soon as she had their permission she could intuitively tap in and uncover the quality of someone’s health. At age 29 Caroline discovered not only she could uncover the quality of health, she was also able to tell the location and intensity of the illness.

Caroline Myss went on to work alongside Neurosurgeon Dr. Norm Shealy and although Caroline never saw Dr. Shealy’s patients in person and he never affirmed her accurateness, his records demonstrated Caroline was right over 90% of the time in her Medical Intuitive Assessments.

This marriage of intuition and science went on to inspire Caroline Myss to write several books and teach countless workshops on intuitive healing. Together Dr. Shealy and Caroline Myss unleashed healing programs that encompassed spirituality and psychotherapy and produced remarkable results of total healing in the many patients they encountered.

When I learned about the Medical Intuitive Scan, I was immediately inspired.

I was already picking up on energy flow and isolated areas but I wanted to be more of service. I wanted to help people understand what could be contributing to the energy I was sensing. I signed up for intensive training to become a medical intuitive. The training was a 3 day live in-class extensive training followed by a 3-month home-based learning component complete with video conference calls, coursework, text readings, and case studies. Upon a final exam, I was granted certification and have completed many meaningful and transformative readings.

I tend to call these sessions a Whole Body Intuitive Scan, so as not to confuse them with a licensed medical practitioner.

I respect Caroline Myss immensely, however, I am not working alongside a doctor as she did and as such I prefer the word Intuitive over Medical. A Whole Body Intuitive Scan is an energetic healing modality (as taught by through the lineage of Caroline Myss instructed teachers) designed to illuminate ways to restore optimal flow to your mind-body-soul.

Now when a client contacts me and wants deep energetic healing this is my preferred modality because it brings through more information as to what intensity of energy is being disrupted, where, and what emotions could be attributed to energetic disruption.

Our bodies are designed to have a constant flow of energy.

As we go through life, emotions from our experiences can become stuck, or rather take an energetic hold, and become lodged into areas of our body, causing an energetic disruption and restricting the body’s natural energy flow. In uncovering emotions and areas that are disrupted the client can bring conscious awareness to patterns or feelings and restore energy to the uncovered areas to achieve a sense of feeling whole.

Working with my intuition, after gaining a client’s consent in writing, I begin to scan their body. I feel in my own body areas that call my attention and listen for songs, sounds, names, and images that seem to be explaining what emotion is in that area of the body. I take the time to go through each area of the body that calls my attention and write a report to discuss what I have sensed.

My intuition speaks in metaphors, so together when we connect to discuss my findings we try to discover what they mean to you as we go over the physical locations energy feels disrupted.

A Whole Body Intuitive Scan is only complete once we connect on a video call to go through the findings together. Many times while we are talking I will channel more information intuitively and add more to your written report. The written report will include the areas of the body that I sense an energetic disruption as well as the information describing the emotion it may be connected to.

Energy does NOT always manifest physically.

The report will also have tangible recommendations targeted to help bring your mind, body, and soul into deeper soulful alignment.

Working with this modality is like ripping off a band-aid. Information comes fast and furious. Sometimes one or two main emotions will turn up expressed in different ways throughout the body, emotional patterns are common! Whether there are patterns or different sensations all of the information provides a chance to feel your way into whole healing.

When we allow the body to talk to us, we begin to interpret our sensations as guideposts on how to feel better in all ways. With my experience as a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Permaculturist, and dabbling Herbalist, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the healing suggestions and tangible recommendations with each report.

This is one of my favorite modalities to share with people who are ready to dig deep into the emotional aspect of healing, and are willing to do the work to remember the connection of the mind-body and soul.