Everything Is Energy

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla”

Everything is energy–from the clothes we wear, to the places we travel and live. When people go to Australia to backpack, most people land in Cairns or Sydney and travel along the east coast. When on a working holiday visa, travellers have the option of working for one employer for a maximum of six months. This visa is designed to allow a supplemental income to be earned while travelling. If you ask most backpackers about why they chose to stay in a specific spot along their journey, they will typically tell you, “It felt right.”

Along my travels in Australia, my goal was to avoid winter. I wanted to “go” as long as possible without snow and so I made a travel route that had rough timelines of which half of the continent to be in at which time of year to make this happen. I started in Cairns and stayed there for many months simply because it felt right. When the time came when it no longer felt right, I simply listened to the urge to move on. During the process of moving, I would book tours or Greyhound bus passes along the way so that I could experience the “feel” of places as I passed through. Sometimes, I would forfeit parts of a planned trip to stay where I was because leaving didn’t feel like an option; other times, I would double back to a place that compelled me to return.

This style of travel opened me up to new possibilities, pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and challenged me to trust my intuition. I had to learn a lot about who I was–and who I really wasn’t–all while trying to survive in a completely foreign place. There is a certain freedom that comes with having everything you own on your back, and an incredible lesson in detachment from possessions was a part of my journey. Not having much also means having to get up close and personal with yourself. Truthfully, I didn’t like what I saw. In an effort to not be seen, I kept moving around so that by never being in one place for too long, I could constantly recreate myself.

Looking back now at the choices I made and the places I stayed, it is easy for me to see the energy of the stories I told myself–and those were stories rooted deep in abandonment. I looked for places that were outrageously tough to live in in an effort to set myself up for failure. I chose places where people didn’t stay long and where housing was too difficult to find. In doing this, I ensured that everyone I met always left me and that I would be forced to remain homeless (or on the verge of being homeless) constantly. This was all done subconsciously, but I can see now how I was constantly creating an environment to ensure suffering, all in the name of abandonment.

At a very subconscious level, most (and I would wager all) of us choose people, places, and things to fulfill the energy of the story we tell ourselves. The energy of the stories our minds run over and over influence our action, and over time begin to show up in the body. My story was of abandonment: it continuously showed up in the places I went, the situations and relationships I found myself in, and the jobs that I had. Over time, the stories manifested as dis-ease in the body and slowly, I found myself feeling unwell. Abandonment in my body took the form of celiac and Hashimoto’s diseases and for seven years, dominated my well-being (or lack thereof). As a medical intuitive, I learned not only how to identify where disease resides in the body on an energetic level, but also the emotional root causes stored within the body disrupting whole health.

My story of healing is one in progress. It is a daily practice of feeling worthy and operating from a place of wholeness. It is about bringing awareness to the stories I used to tell (whenever they surface) and choosing to take action in support of myself, instead of falling back into my lineage or patterns. This is shifting my energy and as such, shifting my health and wellness. Everything is energy and we all have a story–how are you choosing to write yours?

Christine is Metis and is a Professional Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master, and a Certified Adult & Children’s Yoga Instructor.  After more than 10 years of international work, Christine discovered she has a deep passion for leading  people into unexplored territory both in the physical and spiritual realms. Through much self-discovery Christine has learned that the greatest mysteries lie-within and views herself as Tour-Of-The-Soul Guide helping people traverse the human experience.

Christine is a born adventurer who has a childlike curiosity about everything and brings that into all she does. As a proud mother of one, she continues to grow by forming meaningful connections with all she meets and living her life on purpose practicing mind-body-soul alignment and operating from wholeness.

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