Why Do I Need A Life Coach?

Every athlete, even the most talented ones, needs a coach. Sidney Crosby, Lebron James, Tom Brady – they’re all the best in their respective fields, but they aren’t pulling double duty directing every play or single-handedly advising every player. They both need and benefit from a coach’s guidance, too!

Coaches aren’t just for sports though. A life coach is a specially trained expert that helps people reach their professional and personal goals. Nor are coaches just for the wealthy; a good life coach can help anyone in any profession (or out of one!) reach their fullest potential and navigate the unique paths of the soul. So why do you need the guidance a life coach provides?

Reconnection With Life’s Purposes

Most people end up feeling stuck with no real purpose at least at some point in their lives, and they try to fill the void with a lot of different things – vices, obsessions, mindless entertainment. Not everyone can find the inspiration or willpower to pull themselves out of these ruts, and reconnecting with what you’re meant to be doing is one of the best things a life coach can do for you.

Remembering the answers you have inside you is key to reconnecting with your purpose, but it’s very hard to do by yourself. A life coach can guide you through the winding labyrinth of your soul, helping you find the passion you thought was lost and give you a renewed sense of purpose.

Renewed Decisiveness and Confidence

Many people stand in the way of their own true purposes because they lack the confidence to make the right decisions. Sometimes people lack the confidence to make any decisions, and this can really affect how they grow as people and explains a lack of achievement. Decisiveness is one of the most fundamental traits needed to achieve one’s personal or professional goals but can be difficult to find alone, especially when big choices stand at an immediate crossroads.

A life coach won’t make the decisions for you, but they’ll help you find a renewed confidence with which you can make major life choices. A good life coach will walk with you through the needs and desires standing before you, and help you reignite that fire within to help you get over the personal obstacles that stand in the way!

Rediscovering Focus

When we lack motivation, decisiveness, and/or a sense of purpose, we lose focus on the things that actually matter in life: our personal connections, family bonds, purpose and calling, etc. These relationships and goals can get lost in a hectic routine that has de-emphasized their importance. Many people find these things have slipped away just when they have regained their focus and thought about their actual importance.

Life coaches are specially trained to help patients rediscover their focus and help become more motivated, driven people. By guiding you inside your inner challenges and desires, a qualified life coach can renew the sense of focus and clarity without intrusive medications or negative, intrusive tactics. It’s all about the individual, and the path is unique each and every one of us – we sometimes just need a guide!

All these states of mind – purpose, decision, confidence, focus – are within our souls, and a life coach can bring them out again in a holistic, positive way. It’s a major commitment that requires your full desire to better yourself and become a more purposeful being. If you’re ready to take the dive and find guidance for the inward journey, come to Fireweed Learning Centre for a Tour-of-the-Soul today.