What if its meant to be a Practice?

January 1st 2018,

The last two months of every year are always spent preparing for the first day of the new year. I truly love looking at my life and trying to process all that has happened. I like to take the time and sit with the feelings in solitude and gently reminiscence about the year ending. Truthfully I don’t always like what I find but what I always love is the knowing and feeling that a fresh start is around the corner.

Year after year I have found myself writing lists of things I needed or wanted to achieve in the upcoming year. Upon reflecting at the end of the year I seemed to hone in on everything that was not good enough, what I did poorly, how I needed to improve.  Some years I was easy on myself listing only one or two things that were wrong with me and other years I had pages! In trying to keep up with someone else’s (truthfully I don’t even know who this person is) idea of what success is suppose to look like I became my biggest critic and removed all possibility of support. I told myself I HAD to do better and get out that pen and hammer out some resolutions to make it so….if I didn’t achieve something well I just had to be harder on myself because clearly I was failing at life.  

This year I took a much different approach. As I sat reflecting I hugged myself. I spoke softly and lovingly like I would to a friend. I told myself how amazing I was and continue to be. The more kind I was to myself the more love I felt until I found myself in one big hug of pure green pulsing light. The lightbulb clicked and I noted that this is how I want to feel every day and so with that out the door resolutions went!! I do not require resolutions as there is nothing to fix I am not broken nor do I need to pass or win…..I simply need awareness. I treated myself to Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map and I dedicated a week to using a masculine process to get into a feminine state. It was very rewarding. As I spent the last two days fully anchoring in my thoughts on what I want for the new year here is what I came up with.

I recognize that living a CONSCIOUSLY AWARE life is a PRACTICE and I have FAITH in the journey. I TRUST my INTUITION and CONNECTION to the universe. This inner knowing fuels me to explore life with PLAYFUL CURIOSITY. With COURAGE I foster TRUE BELONGING through VULNERABILITY and AUTHENTIC CONNECTION. I brave the wilderness and embrace WHOLEHEARTED living. Operating from INTEGRITY allows this practice to flow with ease, joy, and glory. NURTURING this practice EMPOWERS me and in doing so creates space for me to be of service here on earth. 

As part of being service I have committed to getting Fireweed Learning community up and running. To do this means to believe in myself, love myself, and trust myself above else. I have lived a life of extraordinary moments and its my turn to give back as much has been given to me. As a follower you can expect a blog or video every Tuesday and a newsletter once a month. I will aim to keep an engaging Facebook/Instagram account up where we can connect and enjoy each other.  I am very excited to embrace my role as Travel Of-The-Soul™ Guide and join in on journeys beyond my own.

I couldn’t get through the entire process without one tangible measurable goal so this year I picked learning guitar. This skill has been on my bucket list for years, I love to sing and I really want to play music to sing with my son and anyone else for that matter. I bought a guitar today and I registered for lessons at Junction Beats. What’s different this time about setting a goal like this is that instead of berating myself for not getting it on my own I am accepting I learn better in person! I know that learning an instrument takes practice, and that is exactly what 2018 is all about for me, PRACTICE.

Thank you for joinng me on the journey, I am excited for all 2018 has in store!

Happy New Year,


Travel Of-The-Soul™ Guide

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